Bringing the wisdom of mindfulness together with the power of leadership in service of personal and organizational transformation

The sun sets over some misty mountains.

Leadership Training

Need relevant and impactful leadership training that consistently “exceeds expectations”?

Mindfulness Training

How we pay attention to our experience may have the single greatest impact on how we live, work, and lead.

Keynote Speaking

Bring compelling learning and renewed enthusiasm to your next All Staff Meeting, Conference, or Retreat.


Providing the information and inspiration to move in the best possible direction for you.


Create a unique retreat opportunity for your organization or group.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Learn how to focus in the present moment with non-judgmental awareness in order to change the way you handle stress.

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Workplaces can be engines of mental health and well-being

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Renew your mindfulness practice in community Guided practice one Sunday a month  

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