Leading change with stability, balance, and perspective

Customized for People Leaders and Executive, this experiential and applied learning opportunity will provide strategies, practices, and tools to help leaders find stability, balance, and perspective as they lead change.

Providing common language, shared community, and accessible skills when leaders need them most, Leading Change will help leaders ground and remain resourced, strategic, and responsive as they lead.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Benefit from an evidence-based theoretical foundation grounded in the latest neuroscientific and scientific research.
  • Deepen understanding of how the world of work is changing and how change leadership training can provide the tools and frame of reference to help best meet changing demands.
  • Practice practical accessible strategies for resilience-building and leading change during stressful events.
  • Learn how to work skillfully with the mind and emotions to stay grounded, focused and resourced throughout the day.
  • Explore and apply strategies to better cope with change, uncertainty, and ambiguity.
  • Practice self-care skills & tools necessary to care for the mind and to respond to personal and organizational demands with more clarity, calm and perspective.
  • Build your leadership learning community through facilitated dialogue and peer-support.
  • Commit to resilience-building action plans for leading change.

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