Healthy minds in stressful times

I care deeply about what it means to have a healthy human mind in stressful times. For over 23 years I have been working at the intersection of Leadership Development and Mindfulness Training. What that means is that I help leaders – at all levels – lead by developing healthy mind states.

Patricia Kathryn Galaczy, B.A., M.I.R., Director, The Art Of Dialogue

Customized leadership development

Each custom-designed workshop provides an evidence-based framework of up-to-date theory, accessible practices, learnable skills, functional tools, guided reflection, and practical application alongside facilitated dialogue, peer check-in, and questions and responses.

Detailed learning outcomes customize-designed to meet organizational context and objectives.

  • Half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshops
  • Keynote presentations
  • Conference talks
  • Leadership retreats
  • Multi-week programs
  • Custom virtual and in-person offerings

Leading Change with Stability, Balance, and Perspective

This experiential and applied learning opportunity will provide strategies, practices, and tools to help leaders find stability, balance, and perspective as they lead change.

Providing common language, shared community, and accessible skills when leaders need them most, Leading Change will help leaders ground and remain resourced, strategic, and responsive as they lead.

Staying Centred in the Storm: Cultivating and maintaining wellbeing in complex environments

We work and live in complex environments with multiple competing demands personally, professionally, and globally. Having a well-developed toolkit of practices, skills, and resources to help us stay well as we navigate is essential. Learn more about Staying Centred in the Storm.

Taking Care of the Mind that Leads: Cultivating clarity, calm, and compassion

Everything we do, or fail to do, begins in our mind. Our mind can keep us trapped in cycles of struggle or, it can help us feel more balanced, clear and capable. This webinar will explore and apply practical strategies for working skillfully with the mind to cultivate clarity and calm.

Psychological Safety: Creating the climate for teams to thrive

I don’t know, I made a mistake, I might be wrong, I disagree, I have a concern, I have an idea; These are examples of the things people are not afraid to say when they have psychological safety.

Psychological safety is the shared belief that the workplace environment is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.  

Organizations and teams who want to learn and thrive together in uncertain, interdependent and virtual contexts must understand and foster psychological safety. 

Although research shows psychological safety as the exception rather than the rule, it is possible – and, in fact, necessary – to consciously cultivate it.

Using a theoretical foundation grounded in science, this session will offer a combination of theory, practical application, reflection, and dialogue to help participants walk away with the understanding and skills necessary to foster psychological safety at work.

Self-Compassion: Practical strategies for self-empowerment, connection, and kindness

Over two decades of research suggest that self-compassion, practiced regularly, contributes to increased happiness, calm, job satisfaction and the ability to take a more balanced perspective and a more skillful response to inner and outer difficulty. This session will explore the latest theory and research and provide relevant, impactful tools, practices, and skills.

Building Real-Time Resilience: Accessible resources when we need them most

Resilience is a dynamic state and must be consistently trained & replenished. Especially during times of challenge and change – when we are most likely to make bad decisions under stress – we need accessible evidence-based training and resources to help us get back on track in a short time.

This customized suite of training & resources is designed to support the ongoing development of resilience & well-being by providing accessible, digestible, meaningful support when people need it most.

Mindful Communication and Listening

For many, the communication and listening skills we have learned are not adequate to effectively respond to the challenges we are currently facing.

Mindful communication and listening cultivates our ability to remain aware and harness the inner resources necessary to manage emotions and mental states, so that we may respond from a place of wisdom and compassion, rather than conditioned reactivity.

Whether we are communicating face-to-face, or in our increasingly digital environment, the awareness and understanding underlying mindful communication and listening is more important than ever.

Practice practical strategies for mindful communication and listening. Learn how to use accessible skills to manage stressful communications and build better relationships.

Resourced, Relaxed and Responsive: Tools for meeting change

Change is inevitable and often disorienting. How we relate to the reality of our changing environment impacts our well-being and our leadership.

These custom-designed tools and resources support individuals & teams as they move through the change process, providing common language, shared community and, accessible and practical skills to remain resourced, relaxed and responsive during change.

Training and facilitation expertise

As a Leadership Educator specializing in Mindfulness, Resilience, and Organizational Effectiveness, and Associate Faculty with Royal Roads University, Patricia has accumulated over 23 years and 10, 000 hours teaching People Leaders.  Patricia has designed & delivered customized, face-to-face, and virtual curriculum for all levels of leadership within the B.C. Provincial Government since 2012. She is honoured and humbled to work and live on Songhees/Lək̓ʷəŋən Land.

An organizational expert with an academic background in Psychology and Business and Graduate degree in Industrial Relations from Queen’s University, Patricia draws upon her passion for leadership development & mindfulness, along with her direct organizational experience to create original, evidence-based, customized training and facilitation.

After working in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations in both private and public sectors – including auto manufacturing, public service & biotech – Patricia began teaching Leadership and Management with B.C.I.T’s School of Business in 2000, and has since dedicated herself to creating and delivering relevant and authentic Leadership Education with a focus on cultivating healthy minds and healthy organizations.

As Associate Faculty with the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s Centre for Leadership, Patricia spent 15 years designing and delivering original core Leadership curriculum for the successful Foundations of Effective Management and Leadership program, now the Certificate in Applied Leadership.

Patricia has over two decades of mindfulness meditation experience and is one of few Canadian Instructors of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) fully certified though the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School.   As a mindfulness meditation teacher, she is committed to teaching from her direct experience working with her own mind, accumulated through over 20 years of daily practice, 40+ long silent mindfulness meditation retreats, and a 3-month silent meditation retreat in 2021.

In September of 2016 Patricia was awarded the Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award from Royal Roads University for outstanding workshop facilitation.